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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 10:02 pm 
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I have to get my new tackle this year for Mahseer. Should i buy the Penn SSm 8500 Fixed Spool Reel & a Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Rod 9' [Cast wt=1-4 oz] or should i go for a multiplier reel and spinning rod suited for the multiplier?

Are multipliers poor caster when working with lures? What are the pros & cons of multipliers when compared to fixed spool?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 3:38 pm 
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Hi Ashok,

This may be late. I have used both Fixed Spool and Multipliers.

For spinning I would go with the Fixed Spool, I have found that my fixed spool reels cast better than my multipliers and when you change lures there no adjustment to make to the reel.

With mulitpliers there is always the fear of a "birds nest" which can be very trouble some and time consuming. Not to mention waisting an opportunity when you are sight casting (if your reel is knotted).

I am always fearful to really go for distance when I am using a multiplier, bacause of an over run.

However for trolling there's nothing to beat it, you only need to ensure you lay the line back on the spool correctly when a fish makes a very long run.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:41 pm 

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I have tried using both while fishing for Mahseer and the pro's and con's are like this.
Light spoon / plug / light Line- Long Cast -Fixed spool [smilie=ebil-thumbup.gif]
Multiplier [smilie=huggles.gif] - Hit a big fish & [smilie=headfuck.gif]

Heavy spoon (3" to 5"), large plug/ Medium to heavy line - Medium cast - Fixed spool [smilie=hate.gif]
Multiplier [smilie=gt-happyup.gif] & chances of loosing the fish due to line breaks [smilie=gt-happyup.gif]

So unless i am fooling around, i just don't compromise on line BS and therefore use the multiplier.

The added advantage while fishing in a river is that you are invaribly lure fishing in fast water, so you don't have to cast very far, let the current do the work for you on heavy tackle.

You have to be very skilled with a fixed spool, and ready to swim/tread water if you have any chance of landing a biggie.

On the other hand with a multiplier you just adjust the casting drag properly (most of the Abu's below 7000 don't have one) and you can learn to control line flow while casting. After a while you don't even need to adjust the casting drag.

So i would say that depending on the water that you frequent, the fish therein, and also your style of fishing, you must select you rod and reel accordingly.

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