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Author:  Owen [ Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:26 am ]
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Hi Steve,
Thanks for all the info.
I do have corn, hazlenuts, tigernuts, peanuts etc, manufactured exclusively for carp bait, there are guys manufacturing carp gear in India including rigs, screamers, alarms fish landing mats cum weighing bags, rodpods, bank sticks, catapults, groundbait scoopers, silicon tubing and all accessories that go into your style of carp fishing. They supply this stuff all around Europe, including the UK.
It's just a matter of trying all this out, could do with some pointers.
Could you explain the use of foam in a little more detail please. Is there a special type of foam to be used ? Will the foam use to pack electronic comopents do ? Does it need to be of any particular colour ?
Thanks & Regards

Author:  Steve Lockett [ Thu Oct 19, 2006 10:24 pm ]
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Hi Owen
Rig foam is quite a specialist item, it appears very dense and it comes in yellow, red, black and brown.
Basically, you choose a colour to match the hookbait and cut small bits of it as a counterbalance. Sometimes with boilies, you can drill or punch out the centre and insert a tube of rig foam. Alternatively you can put a slice of foam under the bait, inside the hair-rig loop.
Smaller pieces can be hooked normally before putting your chosen hookbait on. When using pellets, a small disc of foam the same diameter as the pellet could be glued to the pellet.

I'm sure there must be more that I know about it, its just remembering that's the problem. Must be my age!

Author:  Owen [ Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:52 am ]
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Thanks Steve,
That throws some light on the subject. I have this dense foam, but it is white, sure to scare away everything. Have seen some pink stuff around, if i can't find some by this evening, i will think about colouring the white foam.

Author:  Steve Lockett [ Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:54 pm ]
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White would be OK if you are fishing bread. But then you wouldn't need to balance the bait, bread is neutrally bouyant anyway!
Perhaps you should prebait with White Chocolate boilies, they are very popular in UK for winter fishing.

Author:  Owen [ Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:19 am ]
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Hi Guys,
Got back last night, from a weekend at the WASI lakes and realized that on a short trip, with little time for prebaiting, go native!

We had 2 Rohu, one was 25lbs (caught by me), and a 20 lbsRohu, and a Carnatic Carp of 2 lbs caught by Tim.

Lost 2 biggies, one broke free after 25min of following him around in a coracle (20lb line) my friend Tim's dream fish, and the other i hooked with a float set up, that took all of 120 meters of 10lb line to the other end of the lake. I followed it halfway in a coracle, and the hook came free.

All fish caught on small balls of ragi. Hooks tied directly to the main line, with mini spiral lead mounted on stiff silicon tubing, with rubber shock beads at either end, and power gum holding it in place, as is done for mahseer.

Will vouch for the Rohu in this lake, they are built like tropedos, and really strong fighters. All of them took off like rockets, and could not be stopped. Tightning the drag would have been disasterous on that first run. Infact i have had less trouble landing masheer of the same size, but then the tackle used would have been a lot heavier.

Will post some pix soon as they are developed.

Author:  Fredfish [ Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:26 pm ]
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OK Guys Seasons Up .... get those rods out and get em fish

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