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Author:  sanju_freeworld [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:46 pm ]
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Welcome back Bops. You were missed.

Author:  apoo [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:40 am ]
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Welcome back Bops.

Author:  hamour [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:54 pm ]
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"7. Everyday while i step inside my car for the unavoidable drive to(and fro) work, i prepare myself for the reality of my life. I WILL get honked at the rate of 1 honk a second. I WILL get tailgated all the way from my house to my office. Every 2 wheeler WILL try to get under my wheels. Every other driver will cuss me for my existence. Now everyday i think : I can either join them and be merry. or i can excercise my choice and go nuts trying NOT to follow the street norm. the choice is mine and mine alone. Its kind of like catch and release, isnt it? the more difficult-to-follow choice, but maybe the decent-way-to-live choice?! i'm not judging anyone but myself here and thats my point on this forum. Its true we have freedom of choice, but that choice has responsibility of thought and consequence attached to it.The choice , at the end, is ours and ours alone.

Hey, I just like fishing man....and i also enjoy letting 'em go! "

that last point.. is the real deal man.. this applies to all aspects of our lives .. in a bid to be a better person and a good citizen.. the tide may flow against you, but choosing to swim against it no matter what .. that is my choice.. it is stupid in todays age but so what .. try try and succeed or die trying..

they say change is the only constant, whether for good or for bad.. it depend on the tipping point... and which side the odds are stacked.. lets put our weight behind what is right..not only just for "me"/ I" but for "we" and us"

Author:  alanMAX [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:14 am ]
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My two cents......

I've been brought up by and alongside fishermen of old all of whom have fished for 30 - 40 yrs plus now..... and i think what we have in india is a developing fishing scene. there are old school and new school fishermen. and i think this is where lies the difference and also the key to understanding each other and securing a future for this passion.

some old school anglers have been through a big change in the fishing scene and also a big change in environmental and economic factors... not so long ago there were many fish in our rivers and our seas, and idea of taking all fish caught on a trip did not seem that much a big of a deal..... There were also far fewer anglers around. Thoughts of "there are many more fish in the sea" and when the first signs of a dwindling population would have been visible it would have been very easy to say "today they were not biting" or "it was the wrong time of the year" and so on and sometimes its hard to change something that u have been doing for 30 years.... For me growing up with catch and take home, it was quite alien for me to catch and release and its something im getting my mind around... on my last trip i did release 50% of the fish i caught(i only caught 4). It's a complete change in mindset that needs to be made.... but being a fan of "Monster fish" & "river monsters" now my mind is open to what is happening and what makes most sense.

Now we have clear indications of a problem and also access to much more info than we had years ago so now i think that it's everyone responsibility to see this change for what it is. We now have a voice and a great forum for interacting with like minded people and its up to us to make the most of it, for tight lines tomorrow and for many more years to come.

Till a few weeks ago i only new of family members who fished and some friends made by chance who shared my passion. Today i have seen that there are at least 30 members on this forum who are just from pune! something i never imagined!

I also think that this is something that needs to be spoken about and this will educate new people, having rules or coercing people to toe the line
may not be the right approach. listening to peoples opinions is also a great insight. 'Know thy enemy" sort of thing ;) What is required is more information... hows about a thread on fish species in India and their fishing seasons, breeding times, recommendations on sizes to release, biggest record and endangered status? and another on handling instructions? I'm happy to help start building a database on fish species...

What say?

Like i said my two pence.....

Alan the enlightened? LOL

Author:  hamour [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:50 pm ]
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ahh, finally.. a man after my own heart. Alan... extremely happy to to hear what you have said above.. its like a fresh gust of wind on this forum... what you mentioned is very true, and with regards the thread on the species of fish in india, and related topics that you've mentioned above .. im totally with you on it. infact had suggested it to alibhai when we met briefly in person. am happy to have a like minded person on board and i suppose we will ask the mods for the go ahead to post on the above mentioned topics...

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