A case for a separate section dedicated to Catfish.
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Author:  imrankhan [ Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  A case for a separate section dedicated to Catfish.

I request the moderators of IA to have a separate section dedicated to Catfish under freshwater angling. There is an urgent need to understand Catfish, its habitat, its distribution, threats etc. I believe we should have a separate section for Catfish largely to bring about awareness of Catfishes that live in our country, To start with getting an idea of presence and absence of different verities of Catfish in waters where we fish is important. For example the population of Mulley is certainly very thin in the Cauvery I don’t think anybody here has even mentioned catching a Mulley in Cauvery.
The Singhara, Goonch and Mulley WOW what a team I feel we should give our Catfish their due respect.
I would also suggest that a good description of the Mangur be given and every IA member should make it a point to destroy the fish when caught.
There’s a lot of discussion on Catfish in IA as matter of fact a search in IA forums for Catfish returns 80 results and beats Masheer 63 results, Murrel is just in front with 93 results.

Last but not least the angling challenges the catfish offers.
So please create a separate section on and for Catfish and Catfish enthusiasts.


PS Quite a few visitors to this post but no comments ::( even though the post is addressed to the moderators, I urge everybody to post an opinion.

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