Dry Tortugas - Key West, FL
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Author:  vchandy [ Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Dry Tortugas - Key West, FL

Another fabulous place. Anyone interested in a trip. Please let me know and I'd love to team up. Some of the best fishing action in the world. ... rt137.html

Went there a couple of years back with with 2 buddies of mine (shall post pictures) with a crazy Capt. "Rob Hammer". We caught 24 species over 2 days. You camp the night at "Fort Jefferson". We were catching fish at will and there came a point when none of us wanted to have anything more to do with Amber Jacks - a 60+ lb jack is plain horrible - your arms just turn into jelly. They are so greedy you cannot get the bait to the bottom for grouper before they grab it. I caught a 7' lemon shark (decided no more sharks from a waist belt - they are like bull dogs and are in one word back breaking). We also caught & released 3 jewfish over 100lbs each and wow when they first hit you're not sure whether you are about to be pulled into the drink! They get to 6 times that size and can be clearly seen on the fish finders!

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